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The Questions Jesus Asked series is panning out to be meaningful for many of our members, especially for one of our youngest, nine-year-old Jaden Scott.


After Youth Min. Rashaan Smith of Bible Way Christian Center in Hyde Park delivered a sermon entitled "Look Out What God Can Do" from John 13:12 where Jesus asks, "Do you understand what I have done to you?" after washing the disciples' feet, Jaden took notes, as he typically does during the message.


His notes reflected deep insight and understanding of the powerful message that went forth. He wrote: "Sometimes you have to make the first move so you can put yourself in position so God can help you get through your problems. Sometimes make the first move." Jaden, who loves social studies and wants to be an archaeologist when he grows up so "he can travel the world and learn facts about the past," then shared the following when interviewed: 


Q: What do you like about church?

A: I like that you can give yourself and stuff to God, pray and it will come to pass.


Q: When in service do you always take notes?

A: Yes because basically if I like what the preacher is saying I write it down!


Q: If there was someone in church, family, a classmate or friend who was having a problem what would you tell them to do?

A: Trust in God.


Q: What if they're like, "Jaden, that's so hard I don't know how to do that!" Then what would you say?

A: I would say go to church and learn how. I would also say pray and sometimes they can visit my church.


Q: Is it important for us to pray? Why/whynot?

A: Yes because when we pray we're giving glory to God.


Q: Why do you love God? And if someone didn't know anything about God or who He is, what would you tell them?

A:  I love God because whenever you're in a tough time or can't bear anymore He's there. I would tell them that He's a great God and He's there for us through everything.


Way to go Jaden! Let's continue to encourage, empower and equip our youth to follow their natural bent and spiritual gifts so they can grow to be young men and women in love with God and on fire for Him!

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In light of the many transformations taking place within TBC, I can't help but be overjoyed at the sea of excitment I see and hear from our fellow members. And not only that, I see transformation taking place within me as well.
God is leading us to transform our church physically but we are the church spiritually (and physically) as well -- so we must also transform. I have found my faith being stretched and exercised in new ways this year. God is calling me to pursue a higher level of spiritual maturity like never before and it's pretty much now or never, do or die. I was once stubborn to the changes He was asking of me -- it's been uncomfortable to be pruned in this way. But as He is the vine and we are the branches we must be pruned that we may produce much fruit for Christ and for the kingdom. That is where I stand today in the midst of our church's transformation.
We cannot be a part of a process of transformation and remain unchanged. Welcoming those changes and moving embracing a submissive spirit instead of a stubborn one has been one of the most freeing parts of my Christian walk thus far. I encourage and challenge you to invite God to transform you in ways you never thought possible so you can be blessed in ways you never thought possible.