Sunday School

Min. Erica Wilder, Superintendent

Ministry Leader(s):

Superintendent Min. Erica Wilder



Ministry Mission Statement:

The goals of the TBC Sunday School are to win the lost to Christ, to teach the Word of God, develop Christian character by instruction and Bible doctrine, to commission believers in Christian service, to encourage members in attendance and to teach the duties and privileges of church membership.


Ministry Purpose and Responsibilities:

Our purpose is to educate TBC members, guests and visitors on the teachings of the Word of God through classes distnguished by age range and individualized instruction.


Requirements for Membership:

Attendance in Sunday School class.


How Do I Become A Member?

Attend Sunday School every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.


How Often and When Does the Ministry Meet:

Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.


Ministry Leader(s) Contact Information:

Sis. Ortolaza: (617) 516-6879;

Sis. Edwards: (857) 399-6698;


Ministry Events/Activities:

Resurrection Sunday Program

Sunday School Annual Day

Christmas Cantata