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Jessica Y. Green, Outreach Director

“My personal mission is to use my spiritual gifts to carry out God’s will, demonstrating His undying love and power in all my interactions. It is my heartfelt desire to stay humble in service, constant in prayer, steadfast in faith, effective in ministry, enduring in trial, attentive to God’s voice and mindful of His promise of victory.I will exhibit leadership that reflects God’s patience and compassion while challenging those who follow to forsake compromise and to meet God’s standard.”


1. To work with others to break the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental barriers that can prevent the unbeliever from receiving Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  
2. To inspire each outreach ministry to be diligent, proactive, and aggressive in their service to the community. 
Key Responsibility Areas
  • Review existing systems of outreach and work closely with the ministry presidents to organize a “custom fit” strategy that will facilitate a positive growth experience.
  • Maintain open working relationships with ministry presidents through scheduled meetings.
  • Enlist and supervise other outreach workers.
  • Conduct regular needs assessments of the community and be responsible for organizing and working with a team to implement and oversee new systems.
  • Assist outreach ministries in developing a mission statement
  • Lead each outreach ministry to keep its vision and mission clearly focused.
  • Motivate congregation in the direction of evangelism.

Associational Relationship: Ministry Multiplication Specialist

My main responsibilities as a Ministry Multiplication Specialist (M&M) are to work with a team to perform the following for Southern Baptist Churches:
  • Improve teaching skills
  • Organize educational ministries
  • Improve outreach/evangelism skills
  • Select appropriate curriculum
  • Choose relevant record keeping materials
  • Teach teachers to appropriately use classroom space
  • Establish /assist in the development of youth ministry
  • Plan annual training events
  • Train youth workers on appropriate strategies for reaching youth
  • Presentation
  • Small and large group facilitation
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Coordinating group efforts
  • Editing
  • Church consultation
  • Organizing events and materials
  • Motivating
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Teaching
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