Hands Over Troubled Waters (HOTW)

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Jeannie Malone-Bynoe, President

Ministry Name:

Hands Over Troubled Waters


Ministry Leader(s):

Sis. Jeannie Malone-Bynoe, President

Sis. Tiesha Edwards, Vice-President

Sis. Lasheekas Beebe, Secretary

Sis. Arrachael Miller, Asst. Secretary

Sis. Lataisha Harris, Treasurer

Sis. Jandelle Council, Asst. Treasurer

Rev. Ruthanne Darby, Chaplain, Founder

Sis. Renee Dixon, Asst. Chaplain


Ministry Members:

Rev. Ruthanne Darby, Sis. Jeannie Malone-Bynoe, Sis. Tiesha Edwards, Sis. Lasheekas Beebe, Sis. Arrachael Miller, Sis. Renee Dixon, Sis. Lataisha Harris and Sis. Jandelle Council.


Leader Responsibilities:

To lead by example, support the vision and mission of the church, and disciple both new and older members in the Word of God by love and deed.


Ministry Mission Statement:

To help its members encounter and foster a relationship with The Lord, encourage new and older members to stay in the Word of God and attend Bible Study and help members grow deeper in their fellowship with The Lord and His teachings.


Ministry Purpose and Responsibilities:

Promote discipleship, foster constant communication with members as well as lead and support the Pastor's vision, mission and motto for the church given to him by God.


Requirements for Membership:

Faithful servant, confidentiality (ability to maintain discretion regarding sensitive matters), discipleship.


How Do I Become A Member?:

Come to the meeting and voice your interest.


How Often and When Does the Ministry Meet?

Every 3rd Saturday from 6:30-8:30 p.m.


Ministry Leader(s) Contact Information:

Sis. Jeannie Malone-Bynoe: jmm7929@yahoo.com

Rev. Ruthanne Darby: (617) 442-0507 


Ministry Events/Activities:

HOTW Annual Day

Back to School Supplies Giveaway

Toys for Tots

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